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Device Brief: DVD-ROM Drives

Installing DVD-ROM Drives

The physical portion of DVD-ROM Drive installation is quite easy and straightforward. You slide the drive in through the appropriate slot on the front, and then make sure it is connected to your motherboard via the appropriate power and data cables, and then secure it with a few screws. What cables you will need will depend on what type of interface the drive has. Older drives will most likely use IDE data and power cables, while newer DVD drives will use special SATA connectors.

Problems Associated With DVD-ROM Drives

Most DVD-ROM drives should work right out of the box when connected to the motherboard, because the driver software for these common devices usually comes pre-installed on most operating systems. However, there are cases when the drive will not be recognized by the system and may refuse to work at all. There are several possible explanations for this:

  • The pre-installed driver software has been corrupted by either a virus or some improperly installed or uninstalled software
  • The operating system could be in need of updates that contain the appropriate drivers. This is especially true of older operating systems such as Windows XP
  • The drive requires a driver provided by the manufacturer in order to function properly. Such drivers are usually packaged with the device on a separate CD or DVD, or at least instructions on where to download the right drivers

The solution to all of the above problems requires that you get the latest version of the driver for your device, one that is specifically tailored to your specific operating system. If you’ve ever tried searching for or updating drivers for any device, then you know just what a time-consuming headache this task can be. It’s the kind of chore you’d almost pay someone else to do, just to get it out of your hair. Fortunately, you don’t have to, when there’s some free software that can do it for you even as you use your computer.

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