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Installing Your Scanner

Scanners like other peripheral and external hardware have evolved in terms of connectivity and capacity. Old models use parallel or SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) ports while the newer ones are plugged in through USB. Certain types of the newer models are also no longer separate devices but are actually integrated with a printer. These are called multi-function or all-in-one printers because they are singular devices that can print, photocopy, fax, and scan.

Nevertheless the procedures for installing scanners have generally remained the same. You have to make sure the device is compatible with your system. You need to use the right cable and plug it into the appropriate port. And finally you have to load the correct drivers specific to the scanner. This software is usually contained in an installation CD that came with the device.

Problems Associated With Scanners

Operating systems like Windows XP and its contemporaries can automatically detect new hardware. They will also automatically load generic drivers to make a scanner or any other peripheral operational. Such drivers however will only give minimum functionality. So it’s always necessary to replace these with the proper scanner drivers to unlock its full capabilities.

These drivers however can still be made obsolete or incompatible if you perform any major changes to the system such as upgrading to a new version of your OS or replacing the motherboard. In such cases, you will need to look for updates or patches for the scanner’s drivers on the manufacturer’s website. This means you have to know the exact model of your scanner and make sure you download and install the update that’s compatible with your newly modified system.

The least that can happen when you install the wrong driver is you’ll have a scanner that doesn’t work. But worse things like internal conflicts can occur, and these may slow down or even freeze your entire system.

Resolve Your Scanner Problems With Smart Driver Updater

There’s always the risk of making an erroneous installation or configuration when you attempt to update your scanner drivers manually. That’s why it is recommended that you use driver update software like Smart Driver Updater for such tasks. Through a feature called machine intelligence, this program can profile all the hardware bits and pieces that make up or are connected to your computer. It will then identify any driver issues and show you a list of what needs to be updated. The program additionally makes the process easier by allowing you to access a huge database of device drivers from most if not all of the existing hardware manufacturers today. Don’t wait for your scanner or the entire computer to malfunction. Solve your scanner driver issues in one shot with Smart Driver Updater.

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