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Driver Update: Motherboard

Installing Your Motherboard Drivers

Your motherboard has a set of embedded silicon chips that make all the parts connected to it – the CPU, RAM, expansion slots, etc. – work together. Just like all the other devices, drivers run these chipsets. During operating system installation, default chipset drivers will be loaded by the operating system just to get the system running. These generic drivers however will likely be limited in functionality. Before you proceed with the drivers for the other devices like video, audio or LAN, pop in the motherboard’s installation CD to put the actual chipset drivers in place. They are the minimum necessity for your motherboard to function properly. Without them, some devices may not be detected at all.

Problems Associated With Motherboard Drivers

The very first time you set up your computer, things worked smoothly for your motherboard. As time passed by you implemented some upgrades, perhaps you decided to go with the latest operating system, or installed a more powerful CPU. That’s probably when incompatibility issues started to emerge. Motherboard chipset drivers can get outdated. So many things can also go wrong when you’re doing a major hardware or operating system overhaul. Motherboard driver issues are not that easy to detect because it affects the performance of most if not all other devices.

Another important consideration is that chipset manufacturers are separate vendors from those who make the motherboards. This is not immediately obvious as the chipset came with the motherboard when you bought it. But you have to keep this distinction in mind when you attempt to fix the problem on your own. This will involve knowing the exact type and model of the chipset and the kind of motherboard and CPU it was made to support. This is necessary so that you’ll know precisely what driver update to download and install once you get to the manufacturer’s website.

Resolve Your Installation Problems With Smart Driver Updater

Fortunately there are utility programs out there that can help you solve motherboard driver issues faster and more accurately. Smart Driver Updater is a driver update software that can scan and identify all the hardware on your computer. On the back-end, it has a comprehensive database of device drivers from all the known manufacturers, from chipsets to keyboards. Thus it can exactly pinpoint any driver problems, even ones located on your motherboard. Moreover, the application is designed in such a way that you can perform the update from within the program itself. You can solve your motherboard driver issues in just a few minutes and with just as few mouse clicks.

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