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Driver Update: Storage Devices

Installing Your Storage Device

With the advent of HD formatted movies and videos, double-digit megapixel photos, and video games that can take up and entire Blu-ray disc, file sizes have become larger than ever, and with them the demand for more storage space. While hard drives have been able to expand their capacities to just match the rate of this file size expansion, sharing large files has become harder than ever, necessitating the creation of external hard drives and large capacity USB flash drives. However, as these storage devices expanded and grew more complex, so did the software drivers necessary to run them properly.

Most external storage devices, be they booklet-sized external hard drives or thumb-sized flash disks are connected to your computer via USB port. You simply insert the drive and it should show up on your My Computer page, ready to transfer files to or from your own hard drive.

Problems Associated With Storage Devices

Sometimes, your storage device might fail to be detected by your computer. The first thing you should do if this happens is check to see if it is properly connected to your PC. Some storage devices need to be fit snugly into the USB port in order for them to work properly. All storage devices have an LED that should help you determine whether the drive is drawing power from your system and is thus detected.

If you’re running an older operating system such as Windows 98, ME, or XP, then you may be prompted to install the drivers for your storage device, especially for external hard drives. Failure to install the drivers would render the drive unreadable by your system.

This problem won’t be resolved until you install the proper drivers. Most flash drives come with a CD containing the necessary drivers, but there will be times when you might be working on a different PC, or borrowing someone else’s storage device. You might be stuck with the job of searching for, downloading, and installing a new set of drivers for every storage device you use.

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