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Driver Update: USB

Connecting peripheral hardware has certainly become easier with the advent of the USB standard. Unless you have a really old machine, figuring out which cable goes with what type of serial or parallel port is no longer an annoying preoccupation. Since manufacturers quickly adopted USB, you can now almost effortlessly plug in all kinds of devices into your computer, from basic necessities like keyboards and mice to the less typical ones like smart phones and digital cameras.

Just like any current technology, USB goes through continuous development. From the initial1.0, the current standard is now 2.0, also known as Hi-Speed USB. The actual shape of the port has also varied to accommodate the form factors of different devices. You may have come across types of USB connectors labeled Mini-A or Micro-B. So with the right cable and port, and possibly an adapter, connecting and installing a USB device is easily accomplished.

Installing USB Devices

The operating system can auto-detect the USB device once it’s plugged in and load the appropriate drivers to run and integrate it with the system. This is the case with keyboards, mice, and storage devices like flash drives. For more independently functioning gadgets like mobile phones and digital cameras, installation software is more likely required before plugging into the USB port. Such programs are usually contained in an accompanying CD and the set up will install the drivers specific to the USB device.

Problems Associated With USB Devices

Although USB is far less complicated than other types of connectivity, problems do still emerge. The generic drivers loaded by the operating system may not give full functionality to the plugged in device. It’s also possible that the installation software specific to the device is not fully compatible with the operating system. The negative results can range from degraded performance to internal conflicts within the system that could affect other devices.

Resolve Your Installation Problems With Smart Driver Updater

There are two ways you can solve such USB device driver issues. One, you can manually root out the missing or incompatible driver, go on the Internet to look for its update or patch, download and install, and then hope for the best. Two, and this is the better solution; you can use driver update software. Smart Driver Updater is one such type of program. It can profile all the devices that make up your computer, identify their type and model, and detect driver issues. Behind the program is an extensive database of device drivers, which you can access directly from the interface in order to automatically execute an update. Smart Driver Updater is the effective short cut solution to device driver problems, USB or otherwise. Why take the long route?

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