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Driver Update: Monitor

Installing The Monitor

Few things can be as irritating as display problems – the resolution is incorrect, the colors are all wrong, the images are blurry, etc. These and other monitor-related issues can certainly hamper your work or any activity you do with your computer. If you’ve tried everything from checking the power and connection cables to actually tapping the screen out of frustration and the problem remains unresolved, then the issue could lie with the monitor driver.

Problems Associated With Monitors

Drivers are software programs that run the various hardware devices that make up your computer. They facilitate communication between the device and the operating system, translating signals into commands the device can understand and execute. Drivers get affected when major hardware or software modifications are implemented on the computer. More often than not, drivers can be unintentionally deleted, corrupted, or simply made obsolete. These can happen when you:

  • Change or upgrade the motherboard or CPU
  • Change or upgrade the operating system
  • Change or add a new hardware

Resolve Your Installation Problems With Smart Driver Updater

Fixing driver problems usually entails reinstallation. It’s a good thing then that your monitor came with a driver installation disc when you bought it from the computer shop. Most modern operating systems also provide an answer by having a database of drivers that install automatically whenever you plug in a new device.

If neither the disc nor the operating system has the solution, you can look for the driver on the Internet. This requires knowing the exact type and model of your monitor so you can download the correct core, upgrade, or patch file from the manufacturer’s website. Besides the monitor, you have to consider the kind of operating system and video card your computer has in order to avoid incompatibility.

As you can see, reinstalling or updating drivers can be time-consuming. Doing it manually also leaves a lot of room for error. A more efficient way to do it is to use driver update software like Smart Driver Updater. This program automates the whole process by:

  • Scanning your computer’s hardware profile
  • Identifying the various devices and detecting any existing driver issues
  • Displaying a list of recommended actions to take

The program is backed up by a comprehensive database of devices and their corresponding drivers. You can actually download and install your monitor’s driver from within the program’s user interface. Imagine never again spending frustrating hours trying to fix your display problems. It’s possible with a solution like Smart Driver Updater.

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