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Installing Your Network Devices

There is a whole slew of devices out there that are designed to connect you to a local area network and the internet. These include the network or Ethernet card installed on your computer, the wireless network card that allows your PC to connect to Wi-Fi networks, or its USB dongle counterparts.

Network cards, be they wired or wireless, need to be installed directly into the motherboard. You slide the card into the appropriately sized PCI expansion slot, and then secure them in place with a screw. You then fire up the computer, wait for the device to be detected, and then install the drivers.

USB dongles are far easier to install. Just insert them into any USB port on your computer, regardless of whether the system is on or off. The device should be detected, which then prompts you to install the appropriate drivers.

Problems Associated With Network Devices

The main hardware problem with network devices is if they fail to be detected by your computer. This could mean that either the device doesn’t work or it was improperly installed on your PC.

However, if the device is lit up and detected but still refuses to work, then the issue is probably the driver not working. As with all devices and peripherals, the manufacturer bundles a CD that should contain all the necessary drivers for your network device. While they do work in most cases, there is a chance that they could be outdated or nonfunctional. There’s also the chance that the CD might not contain the appropriate driver for your operating system, which can be the case if you’re still running an older OS like Windows XP. If any of this is the case, the task now then falls to you to search for the appropriate driver yourself, download it, and then install it. A tedious process if it works out, an absolute nightmare if it doesn’t.

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