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Device drivers are a pretty important part of what makes your computer work. They’re what enables your system to handle all the various hardware that are hooked up or plugged in to your computer. Most of the time you don’t notice them. This is because most operating systems nowadays operate on a plug-and-play basis when it comes to hardware – you just plug it in and the computer does all the work of setting up the drivers. Sometimes you have to pop in a CD into your CD-rom drive or download something from the Internet to get it working, but that’s where a normal person’s interaction with drivers end.

However, sometimes you’ll encounter problems: a driver becomes corrupted or you’re installing a new OS and things don’t seem to be working as they should. Driver problems are usually solved by checking the hardware, finding the appropriate driver and installing it. Sounds easy, but it can be very time-consuming. You’ll also have to be very careful not to mess with any current setting or drivers because then you will to do what you just did all over again. Of course, when you’re done, there’s no guarantee you did it right. All in all, updating drivers can be a pain.

Thankfully, there are now programs that can update drivers for you automatically. They can be save you the time of scrambling all over the Internet to find out what exactly your computer is packing and what driver it needs. Also, most driver update software have private libraries of device drivers – making sure that your legacy audio card isn’t left high and dry. It’s also a godsend when you’re migrating to a new PC – just install the driver updater and let it do its magic in getting your hardware devices all up-to-date.

So what do you look for when shopping for a driver update program. Well, first of all, make sure it isn’t a scam or malware. Legitimate driver update software can easily be sifted out from the illegal ones; they’re the ones which are usually free – because their programmers are planning to bleed you dry when their malware takes over your computer. Also, review sites have a good handle on what’s legit and what’s not so better check them out when you’re starting.

Next, you better check out the essentials: what are its features, what drivers can it support and how well does it scan your computer. These are the main things you should be looking at when shopping around for a driver updater. Right now, only Driver Detective can provide the best when it comes to ease of use and compatibility. The driver library of over two million different drivers doesn’t hurt either. So, if you’re in the market for driver update software, Driver Detective should be on top of your list for consideration.

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