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Computers are now an important part of our everyday lives. The personal desktop and laptop computers we own have changed the way we do our work, search for information, and enjoy our leisure time. To further build on the utility of computers, all sorts of devices and peripherals have been released by a plethora of manufacturers, be they office devices like printers and scanners or gaming devices such as joysticks and gamepads, or communications gear like a webcam and headset with microphone. It seems that there is no end to the types of things you can plug into your computer.

The Importance of Drivers

No matter what devices you have, they all share one thing in common: in order for the hardware to work, it needs its corresponding software in order to function properly. This is true even in cases of devices that are billed as being “Plug and Play”. All that title means is that the drivers for the device are already somewhere in your operating system’s files, either because your device is natively supported by the OS or it was later installed by an update. Without the proper drivers, your devices won’t be able to function properly, and in some cases, won’t even be detected at all. It’s for this reason that manufacturers take great pains to make sure that the correct driver is usually bundled in a CD with your device. Most of the time, this works out just fine.

Why Update?

However, there are times when even if the driver is installed, your device might not be giving you full functionality. For example, a high-end graphics card may be unable to run a game at high settings when it easily should be able to, or when a printer is printing much slower than was originally claimed. Most of the time, it’s not the hardware at fault. It’s the drivers. Despite their best efforts, manufacturers might ship them even before they are ready for distribution. The manufacturer usually resolves this by offering driver updates.

Updating your drivers entails a bit of effort on your part. First, you need to locate the appropriate driver for your device on the manufacturer’s website, download it, and then install it. However, this task can quickly become tedious if you have a lot of different drivers to update, and also brings up the question of how exactly you’re supposed to know when a driver update has come out.

A Quick and Elegant Solution

This is where Driver Detective comes in handy. It’s a free app that automatically detects whether your drivers are correctly installed and up-to-date. It will then search for, download, and install them all for you. Sound to good to be true? Then try it out and see for yourself what wonders Driver Detective can do for you and your system.

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Smart Driver Updater will scan your computer for the exact system specifications to find the exact and most up to date driver for your software device. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can find out what drivers are out of date. Don’t spend hours looking for the specific driver for your hardware device. Simple install the software, scan your system, and update your drivers the quick and easy way. Download for FREE!

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