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Maybe it was because you changed to a different operating system. Perhaps it has something to do with the new piece of hardware you plugged in. Is it possible that one of the programs you just installed is causing the problem? These are just some of the questions that are likely going through your mind as you are pulling your hair out of frustration because your computer has no sound.

Audio issues are not uncommon with computers. A PC after all is designed to be modifiable; its parts can be mixed and matched. Since the day you bought it or assembled the whole thing together, you have probably set up a lot of changes in its hardware and software. The risk that comes with mixing is that there’s always a chance that some things are not going to match. Drivers, the software that runs the various hardware components, are usually the ones directly affected by such modifications. They can be accidentally deleted, corrupted or outdated.

Because of the way PCs are built, every user has necessarily acquired some basic computer troubleshooting knowledge and skills. If you’ve tried everything you know and still not a squeak is coming through the speakers, then you need to dig deeper and check the audio driver. In most cases, updating the audio driver can solve the no-sound issue. The procedure however can be a little tedious. First you need to find out the driver’s exact version. Then you match this with the type and version of your operating system and the type of motherboard. Next you go on the Internet, look for the file, and download and install it. Finally you cross your fingers and hope you get it right the first time.

The easier way to do this is to use driver update software like Driver Detective. This program can quickly scan your PC, detect and identify any missing or outdated drivers, and then display the list of issues with some relevant additional information. Because the program uses an extensive and constantly updated database, you can perform the update from within the program’s interface. Take note that this program scans the whole computer, so it doesn’t just solve audio driver issues. It can resolve practically all driver issues. With such an automated and accurate solution, you can spend more time enjoying your computer’s multimedia rather than waste time figuring out why there’s no sound.

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