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Keyboards are an important part of how you work with your computer. Being the primary means that a person can input data into a PC, its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Just imagine not being able to type your report or not being able to chat with your loved ones via Instant Messenger. This is why it’s a big problem when your keyboard suddenly stops working or when you’re using a USB keyboard hooked up to your system and your system won’t recognize it. So what to do when this happens?

You could always opt to just junk the keyboard and get another one – it maybe a hardware issue after all. But what if it still doesn’t work? The key thing to remember here is that all of the devices on your computer work via the simple use of device drivers. If something doesn’t function on your system then the problem most likely can be traced back to a device driver. These drivers are usually bundled with your operating system – or with the device you are installing. They are essentially the cogs the keep your system up and running and it is very important that they are working properly. Drivers can be temperamental things – they need to be up-to-date and appropriate to deliver the sort of experience that you want out of your computer; an out-of-date and incompatible driver won’t be able to get your particular device running.

Getting back to your keyboard problem, let me point out that this is a rare thing. Windows is very good at handling generic keyboards that you usually can just plug the keyboard in to the PS/2 or USB port and you’ll be good to go. Even then, USB keyboards usually have self-installing drivers that provide you with what you need to get things running. However, this problem still does happen. It crops up when we deal with non-standard keyboards: several companies have come out with personalized or optimized keyboards for gaming or other uses that really need good driver support. To get things going when your keyboard fails, you need to properly identify and install the proper drivers into your system – which is often a hassle.

That’s where Driver Detective comes in. Driver Detective is a highly useful driver update program that can help solve your driver problems easily. Packed with the world’s leading scanning technology, it will immediately identify every piece of hardware on your system. Once it has done this it will immediately get the latest and correct version of the device drivers for your system. You can have your personalized keyboard ready in a few minutes, with the minimum of fuss.

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