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A lot of people like watching movies on their computer. PCs and laptops are fast becoming a favored medium for watching all those high-quality DVDs, not to mention those HD streams and .avi files found on the Internet. However, this media revolution has been a long time coming. In the early days of computing, you only had to worry about little beeps from your system when it came to audio. However, with the arrival of the CD-Rom and larger storage devices, it was possible to put in the larger and more grandiose sound files. Combined with bigger media files that were able to show full video, the multimedia revolution started. The development on these has continued since then – enabling movies, soundtracks and others to be viewed and played on computers.

To bring together the various mediums of video and audio to operate seamlessly together, multimedia drivers were created. These device drivers make sure that your audio and video are synched and are not having any problems. They also enable hardware to recognize various media files so that you can play them. This is why whenever you encounter a problem with your multimedia devices, the blame can be squarely place at your multimedia controller drivers; specifically, if your sound doesn’t work, it’s your multimedia audio controller driver’s fault.

A user usually encounters these problems when he’s just migrated to a new computer or set-up a new operating system; it also happens when your drivers are out-of-date. Most generic devices usually have their device drivers bundled with operating systems; however multimedia devices are, most of the time, not generic. Specific companies usually produce such hardware and that means you need to get a specific driver for your hardware. Most of the time this can be handled by messing about with your Device Manager to automatically download the latest version of a particular driver. A much better solution would be to check your hardware and go to its manufacturer’s website; most manufacturers maintain an online presence where you can download the appropriate drivers. However both of these options can eat up a lot of time – and you might make a mistake while doing them, causing you even more problems..

Thankfully, there are third-party programs that can help you do the act of updating easily and automatically. One of the best of these is Driver Detective. Using the latest in scanning technology, it accurately identifies your hardware and then downloads from its large online library of drivers the correct ones for use with your multimedia audio controller, ensuring that you’ll be back to watching your favorite movies in no time.

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